2008-04-13, American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX

Magic Tour
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Jon Bon Jovi guests on "Glory Days".

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Christopher Dillard wrote: What an amazing powerful performance. I know I've only seen him three times now. But my goodness, the show was spectacular. I was hoping for Candy's Room, but hey, a person can't have everything. The version of Dancing In The Dark was simply smashing.

Bruce O'Keefe wrote: The show was great and very family like. I have seen Bruce all over the country. This time I briught my wife and three girls. My daughter molly got to go on stage during dancing in the Dark. Wish I could find more video or pics.

Behnaz wrote: This was my second Bruce show, but in many ways I feel like it was my first, as it was several notches above the Los Angeles show I saw in six months before. Great crowd, stellar performance... as a diehard fan for five years, this is everything I envisioned a Bruce should should be... and more. Highlights were the 10th Avenue Feezeout (great opener), the tour primiere of Independence Day, Trapped, Because the Night, and Meeting into Jungeland.
One thing that was just weird though was the little girls dressed like prostitutes who came up during Dancing in the Dark. Not really sure what to think of that, Bruce.

Can't wait to see Bruce and the Band again in Nashville this month. I get the feeling this tour is getting better with each leg.


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