2008-06-29, Parken, Copenhagen, Denmark

Magic Tour
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Klaus wrote: Terrible terrible sound. What a shame.

hans ebbe wrote: Fantastisk,forrygende formidabelt sindsygt godt

Bjarne Ulrich wrote: Great show as always
Sorry to hear about Danny F

Jens Rasmussen wrote: Man, been a fan for almost 25 years but this was my concert debut. Why did I wait this long?? As already said, awful sound. But still Springsteen overcame that handicap and gave us danes a helluva good time. Best three hours I've ever spent on a sunday.

Don wrote: I had a homemade sign in form of a cardboard-telecaster with me with my request "Incident" written on it. I was about 20 yards from the stage, so when Bruce started collecting signs, I decided to send my sign down towards the stage. I handed it to the people in front of me. They passed it on, but before it got down to the stage, Bruce was on his way back to the mainstage. Then something amazing happened... People started sending my sign back! And it went straight back to me! What are the odds?!

Knud Flensted wrote: Fantastic concert! 29 wonderful songs and more than 3 hours non-stop performance in pleasant summer weather. The longest show so far during the Magic tour.

I am very satisfied. I went to the first row with my 12-year old daughter (Ida) and my 10-year old son (Aske). This concert was their first live with Bruce & ESB. And what a start! My son got Bruce's harmonica at the end of Gypsy Biker, and my daughter got a really nice handshake from Bruce and a well used plectrum from Little Steven (Little Steven's name is printed on the plectron) after American Land.

And personally we got more that: Ramrod was played as a bonus song on request from me and another guy. Bruce noticed our signs during "Born To Run" and nodded to us with a smile. He talked briefly to Steve and picked-up our signs right after BTR. And then they played it without any deletion from the planned setlist. Yes!
My son got quite exhausted at the end of the seven encores, but he managed to keep standing right to the end. The next morning (today) he woke up and said: "I had a dream tonight. I dreamed that I got Bruce's harmonica." He smiled, because he knew that it was not only a dream. The harmonica was still in his hand.

Henning Klejs wrote: What a show. Sat right at the back in the right side of the stadium. The sound was really rotten! It sounded as if they put a delay pedal on the bass drum and the bass. Still it was amazing! I mean: he played 'Something in the Night', 'Downbound Train', 'For You - solo piano', 'Because the night' and other amazing songs. How can one band throw so much energy into the music night after night? I loved the music - I hated the sound.

Lisbet Luise J?rgensen. wrote: The best concert ever !!! Ja, lyden var ikke i top, men det var Bruce og resten af bandet !
Vi blev revet rundt i tre timer af en mand p? 58 ?r og hans super E-Street Band. Det var 8. koncert med Springsteen vi var til, og vi var totalt f?rdige, da koncerten var slut. SK?NT !

Carsten wrote: My 8 concert with Bruce and he is still the one and only - The BOSS!
E-Street Band have never played better

Daniel wrote: it was my first concert with the BOSS, and before it, i was upset because i was going to miss the final in the european championship of football. but i must say that it was worth it. great show(bad sound) didn't know that a man in his age could bust those moves ;-)

Frank wrote: Definately a night to remember. Sound was as bad as it always is at Parken in the beginning, but after 2-3 songs it actually became decent. Didn?t really matter to me anyway, since this was a concert i?d been waiting for for a lifetime. The highlights in my opinion had to be Spirit in the Night, Jungleland and the completely unforeseen Blinded by the Light, which Bruce himself had almost forgotten the intro to!

Helge wrote: The first time I played on Bruce's guitar during Born To Run. First time in the pit. First time with ESB outdoors. I will remember this concert for my whole life. Breathtaking...


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