2008-05-28, Old Trafford, Manchester, UK

Magic Tour
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Kate and Caleb wrote: Mind blowing! What - A - Set! What a performance. The rain pretty much held off and it was genius. Absolutely non-stop from start to finish.

Grayclaret wrote: The energy of the man is still unbelievable ! The band were as terrific as ever (shame no Patti though). However, this show wasn't, for me, as good as some of Bruce's others that I've witnessed through the years. It didn't help that the sound was decidedly 'ropey' for the first few numbers. You can argue all day about song selection and hopefully in Cardiff I will get the chance to hear again at least one of my many fav's that were missing tonight. There was a noticeable reduction in 'banter' with the crowd compared to previous tours (which is a shame), but cetainly no reduction in energy, passion and showmanship. Bruce live still beats any other performer hands-down! Long may he continue.

Andrew Kenward wrote: I werent at the concert but it really looks good, i mean Adam Raised a Cain, Trapped and Its Hard To Be a Saint in the City, WOW!!!!!!!!! Im going to see Bruce tomorow at the Emirates, I hope the show is as good as this. Also if anyone has any videos of this concert then put them on the website, i want to see them.

val atkinson wrote: concert was good the seating was bad where we sat we were lucky eventually and had a better view tickets should not be sold unless you can see the stage loads of people complaining some were moved to the front so we were able to move up and had a better view the last hour we crept to the front val

Kevin Turner wrote: My sixth Bruce concert - this was certainly up there with the River & BITU tours. Many favourite moments - Because the Night, The Promised Land, Badlands, BTR. Disappomited no Jungleland and no Thunder Road but it must be difficult to pick a setlist which eveyone wants to hear. The band are all looking older now (Clarence looked as though he was sruggling to move around the stage) but they can still do the business as Wednesday night proved. Keep going Bruce - nobody does it better.

newcastle roy wrote: My best ever Bruce Springsteen show , considering how many I've been to that's saying something .Bruce was awesome as usual his energy on stage is legendary. My brother and I were next to the right hand runway and during The Promised Land and then again during Darlington County I managed to shake the great mans hand and Bruce even let me touch his guitar..its up there with the birth of my child as the highlight of my life , well I imagine it would be if I had a child .

John McGeachie wrote: The Old Trafford show was fantastic !

Great set-list, great encores

dave j wrote: the weather was poor the man was awesome caught a few out with coming on stage bang on 7.30pm the set list was great and i thought he did banter with us quite a bit my 35th gig he never ceases to amaze me

Antony Forst wrote: This was a good show, but it was spoilt for the first 45 minutes until they finally got the sound right. Also I was in the best seats, only to the find that the stage had been brough forward, so we couldn't see all the band, and only Bruce when he cam out on the catwalk in front of us. Thankfully this was a one off, but it was still memorable.


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