2008-07-05, Ullevi Stadium, Gothenburg, Sweden

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Rikard wrote: If you saw my comment on the 1st of the Gothenburg concerts you saw my question if Bruce could top the 1st one... Well... he did! By FAR!
2nd night was the craziest show I've ever seen with Bruce or anyone for that matter.
Usually they change, what, 7-8 songs from one night to the other... He changed 17!! 17!! 17 songs! Again and this time by far, I truly was blown away! We were standing in the crowds and just grasping for breath. Just check the songs 4 to 14 and you'll understand why... (Hungry Heart-Summertime Blues-The Promised Land-Backstreets-Roulette-Darkness on the Edge of Town-Janey Don't You Lose Heart-Waitin' on a Sunny Day-Working on the Highway-Because the Night-She's the One).
Hungry heart is the 4th song! Not an encore!
Happy to be on stage, playful and a rock n' roll minister... That was Bruce on this Saturday night. The part in Mary's place where he calls us and is waiting for our reply again and again and again and again... that is a baptism, a spiritual experience. He uses the wet sponge to splash water on us as if it was holy water... we listened and our souls were saved.
Guitar solo by Lofgren was if possible, even better this night.
Drive all night was magnificent! Not at all an arena song, but it was out of this world!
He ended with Twist&Shout, trying to tell us that he wasn't allowed to play it, since that was the song that wrecked the stadium in 85. Did we believe him? Did we listen? Nah... We begged for it... we wanted it... and he delivered!
What a finish!
He truly is the hardest working man on stage. Can't imagine that I'll ever see 2 concerts quite like these ever again. These were my 13th and 14th concerts... I can only dream of nights like these again.

steinar wrote: The setlist from this show was a trip down memory lane. Bruce blew our hair back opening with "night", and big man showing us that he still has it! I have to applaude the swedish audience, `cause when all 57 000 is that entusiastic it really makes the summer night in gothenburg complete. it is no wonder that bruce loves the swedish audience, and he upheld the tradition finishing with "twist and shout", which actually feels like a tribute to the audience from bruce and the e-street band! Thank you Bruce and thank you Sweden!

Frankie wrote: By far the best 2 shows of my life!!!
I`ve seen Bruce & ESB 20 times, incl every time they have played Ullevi,Gothenburg, but the show on saturday-night really takes the price!
57 000 of us singing, dancing & clapping our hands for 3hours! incredible what a concert!
THANK YOU BRUCE & THE E STREET BAND for an unforgettable weekend.

marco 495 wrote: Drive all night. Heaven is real, I know for sure


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