2008-07-27, Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ

Magic Tour
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Melanie wrote: I've been to over 100 shows - yes - they've become more choreographed over the years - but last night's setlist - top ten best.

Joe wrote: Possibly the best show I have ever seen - I cannot rank any show higher!

artlauro wrote: If you were at the 7/27 show, you may remember the little girl named Rosie who requested "Growin' Up." Rosie is my daughter. We live in Stratford, CT. At one point, Bruce held up my daughter's sign so the audience could see it. Unfortunately, we never got a good picture of this historic event. If you happen to have a picture of this, please let me know. abrennan@bssg.net. Thanx!

T.Cantillon wrote: Well, the parking lot tour continues. After a bit of a search, I was lucky enough to secure a pair in section 133, right by the stage; great seats! This was to be my wife's first, full E Street Band show and what a show they gave. I'm sure our soon-to-be born daughter enjoyed it as well. The show kicked off with a rousing 10th Avenue and just kept getting better. Excellent versions of Spirit in the Night, Adam Raised the Cain, Growin' Up and Atlantic City. Summertime Blues was an all out rockin moment that brought me back to days with the band over 20 years ago. A solid performance of Janey and powerful, guitar-driven versions of Youngstown and Murder--unbelievable energy. A stellar performance of Tunnel of Love and fun Working on the Highway. During the encores, this had to be one of the most majestic versions of Jungleland I've heard. And what better way to cap off the night than with Rosalita--which took everyone by surprise! One of the best shows from Bruce and band. It's great to have them back.

Ray Nardo wrote: Everytime something new and shocking. Just when you expect a concert you get another wild show. He kept us on our feet all night. For the guys in the group that it was their first show of Bruce's , how that happens I don't know, they were quite surprised at the level of energy and passion for Rock and Roll. The set list was just amazing I still can't believe it no matter how long I play it in my head and read it on the lake. Thanks again Bruce and thanks to the friends and family who enjoyed the day into the night with me.

Eric G wrote: I've seen Springsteen over 20 times since 1999, and this was my favorite show I've seen him do. The song selection, the length of the show, the amount of audience interaction Bruce did with the crowd, the show was just amazing. Some stand out moments:

10th Ave. Freeze-Out: Perfect way to start the show. It started with the stage going totally dark, with Max pounding on the drums, and then Bruce and Clarence emerged out of the darkness together. Bruce then kept going back and forth along the stage, egging on the audience to sing the "Whoa-oh-oh" intro.

Spirit In The Night: Bruce was going into the audience along the three walkways that came out from the stage, leaning in among fans, and doing a routine where he would fall back into the audience and then fans would push him back up. He got a kiss on the cheek from a fan during the "she kissed me just right" line.

Summertime Blues: Before Bruce went into the song he went along the audience collecting signs with song requests.

Brilliant Disguise/Atlantic City: Great to hear these both as it was the 80's music that first got me into Bruce, and these two don't get played much.

Growin' Up: Bruce started going through the signs he collected and found one that said "I'm a ten year old fan GROWIN' UP. P.S., My name is Rosie!". The cameras found the girl in the audience, Bruce talked to her for a bit, and then played "Growin' Up".

Janey Don't You Lose Heart: Another sign request. Bruce mentioned that he chose this one since the sign was decorated so nicely, and announced "This is for my friend Jane!". Again, another rare 80's song that I was glad to hear.

I'll Work For Your Love: Nice to hear this as it was one of the few off Magic I didn't see played during the fall leg.

Youngstown/Murder Inc.: Hadn't seen these two played since the Reunion Tour in 2000. These two really rocked the place.

Working On The Highway: Also hadn't seen it played since the Reunion Tour. Bruce threw some water into the audience from where he played the song, one of the walkways into the audience, saying he was baptising the audience.

TUNNEL OF LOVE: I was hoping for this song tonight more than any other. I had never seen it played at any shows I went to before.

Badlands: The audience in my section was totally out of control, jumping up and down and singing, beer flying everywhere, and people banging on the seats.

Jungleland: Most powerful Jungleland I've seen played. People in my section sang along to every word.

(Houselights on)
Born To Run/Bobby Jean/Dancing In The Dark: All great of course. Bobby Jean is one of my top 3 favorite songs. Great crowd sing-a-long on this one.

Rosalita: The band had already taken their bows, but Bruce was still standing there ahwile, and began asking the crowd if they should do one more, and then there was Rosalita. I figured he was going to play it for the ten year old.

The show went 3 hours and ten minutes, with 30 songs. I've never seen such a long show. I felt like I had been hit by a truck after it was all over. Just an incredible night.

Jules wrote: First time seeing Bruce in Jersey, what a treat! All 3 shows were terrific, but I loved night one! Great crowd.. great energy just amamzing


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