2008-07-28, Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ

Magic Tour
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"Happy Birthday" was in honor of Patti Scialfa, although her actual birthday is on July 29. Max Weinberg's son Jay replaced his dad during "Born to Run". Jesse Malin and Dave Bielanko of Marah joined on "Twist and Shout" along with a girl group consisting of Jessica Springsteen and friends.

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OPESTER wrote: The set list was strong with some songs rarely heard in concert. The energy level was strong as well. A family affair with Max's son on drums and Bruces family in the mix too! His political rant was kept to a minimum. I was a little disappointed at the closing song of twist and shout. I can think of a lot of better choices but overall a great concert.

T.Cantillon wrote: The show, from start to finish, brought me joyfully back to my first experiences with Bruce and band during the River Tour. As great as night one was, this one, for me, was off the charts. Easily in my top 10 of over 140 shows. The River collection was what first drew me to Bruce and my first concert had been December 8th 1980, the night John Lennon died. Tonight's show recaptured the feeling, the high, the spirit and magic of seeing Bruce and E Street Band those first few times. Out in the Streets, Two Hearts, Sherry Darling and Held up without a Gun were amazing as all songs were played with the same passion and energy I remember from the River Tour. Summer time Blues simply kicked ass tonight--Bruce bringing it to another level as the band rocked out.Tunnel of Love is just a great live song and one that is perfect for this tour. Saint in the City had a rough start, but Bruce and band salvaged it and tore it up--unbelievable. Then Nils sets the place on fire with his blistering, sommersault guitar solo during Because the Night!! Bruce keeps the energy level high with a powerful, rockin' She's the One--glad it's back in the set. After a strong Mary's Place, Bruce really surprised me with a heartfelt, pasionate Drive all Night--a highlight of not only the night, but the tour. If a live cd is to ever come out from this tour, Drive all Night definitely needs to be included--AMAZING! Great versions of Long Walk and Badlands. Then come the encores and as Bruce and band played Thunder Road, Detroit Medley and Born to Run, I was still feeling that magic and energy as if seeing them for the first time. After American Land, Bruce rocked us with a fun-filled Twist and Shout three hours later. I'm still flying high from this show. It had that overall effect on me that those early shows had as Bruce and the band and the music worked its magic, making a rock 'n' roll show, a spiritual experience unlike any other. Thanks for a truly memorable night that rocked me, body and soul! You guys are hands down--THE BEST thing to happen to rock 'n' roll!

mar wrote: sat in upper deck 314 never would of known sound was great been to 100 plus shows rates in the top 3 brouht my daughter 27 to her 1st show she couldnt beleive what she was seeing or hearing Bruce energy was too much Thurs show will be the one to go to Jersey Girl

Lucy in the Sky wrote: DRIVE ALL NIGHT!!! With the warm, summer breeze blowing and Bruce's passionate lyrics, the moment made my top 5.
Put this show out on cd!! Want to relive the experience hearing Drive all Night live on a cd from this tour. Come on, don't be foolish, it was a moment of true soul. Thank you, Bruce!

Sally wrote: Better than when I saw him at the Garden. Not that the Garden shows were bad, but this one knocked my panties off! Loved Out in the Street, Hungry Heart and DRIVE ALL NIGHT! Oh, Bruce, I would drive all night, too, just to see you perform.

Eric G wrote: I went to this show after still being exhausted from the previous night. I barely had any energy left after the night before, and wondered how the band could have the energy. Another great show, but for me personally I had a better time the previous night, as I was closer to the stage the first night. The second night I was in the back of the place, on top, with 4 empty rows in back of me, and the audience near me didn't stand up until Badlands, so that kinda took away from the experience. Still enjoyed the show though. Highlights for me:

Out In The Street - I didn't get this on the other 4 Magic tour shows I went to, and as this was my last show I'd be seeing this tour, I was glad I saw it.

Tunnel Of Love - Saw it played for the first time the night before, and was so glad to see it again. Nils did this amazing guitar solo at the end of the song that I don't remember him doing the previous night.

Hungry Heart - I did the sing a long thing in the beginning that Bruce has the crowd do. Except I was the only in my section singing it.
Oh well.

Held Up Without A Gun - Bruce should play this more since it fits what is going on today with gas prices.

SHERRY DARLING - FINALLY! I never saw this one played before, and finally after 3 E Street Band tours I got it. I jumped out of my seat and was so glad to finally sing the "Tell her she wins if she'll just SHUT UP" line. Again, nobody else in my section reacted to the song.

Because The Night - Nils had another great solo, and even did his trademark flip during the song, not even missing a note along the way.

Drive All Night - I wasn't sure what this was at first. I hadn't listened to a few of the songs on Disc 2 of The River in a long time. The audience kinda treated this as a bathroom break song at first, but once it got going, it really got people's attention. Sounded great.

Thunder Road - Again, glad to hear it as it wasn't played at the other Magic shows I went to.

Born To Run/Glory Days - These were the two songs that my Mom was hoping for more than any other, and she got them back to back. Before the show started, me and a bunch of people in my row were all talking that we wanted Glory Days, and felt that we had a good chance since it wasn't played the night before. Glory Days was the first song of Bruce's that I knew when I was 5 years old, when it was first released as a single, so this song means more to me than any other. Again, it wasn't played at the other 4 Magic shows I went to, so I was glad to get this one at the end of the last show I was going to see this tour.

Steve Spencer-Davis (Grimsby UK) wrote: I am a bit late in posting this, but for all the fans out there that know me & Julie here goes. We met in Paris - France at a Boss concert Oct 2002, been together ever since, we have been fans for years, first gig on the River tours way back. Seen him most years since (4 times on Magic), during this gig as Bruce sang Thunder Road i asked Jules to marry me and i slipped the ring on.....she cried i cried and i said "i take that as a NO then?"....it was a yes! Then after the medley we got Glory Days which was my dads song..he passed on 2 years ago and i read the words at his funeral...i cried again as i took it as a sign dad approves of the WONDERFUL Lady i have after many years at trying, thanks Bruce & the band, we love you...you are a big part of our lives and thanks too to Viv & Andy Dixon who crossed the big sea with us to NJ x


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