2008-05-31, Emirates Stadium, London, UK

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Gareth Barnes wrote: 23 years since I saw Bruce Springsteen in a stadium setting; Wembley 1985 was an experience I shall never forget. Then I was down on the pitch and the drums and bass hit you in the stomach. In the upper tier at the Emirates stadium last night the drums and bass were a distant rumble but the words and guitars were so clear as were the two giant screens which I watched for most of the concert. The house lights in the roof were left on and it wasn't until it got dark around 9.30 that the party really started. 4 songs shorter than the previous night due I think to having to finish at 10.30 [!?] he did play all my favourites. I had to get up and 'boogie' with my girlfriend while most of the older more distant crowd members sat around us and tapped their feet. Born to Run did it for them of course and the place came alive and became one... My two teenage daughters, Emma and Malia, who saw him at the Honda Centre in California in April noted the same thing! The guy [with his band] is a genius never to be replaced. One of the many highlights was Clarence's sax solo in Jungleland. I hope they can all carry on for yet another tour!!

Dave wrote: Night one at london set a high stand for the second night, Bruce and the band had to come onto the stage and do something special. AND THAT THEY DID!!! Slightly shorter show than the previous night but who needs quantity when you got quality, two tour premieres of Downbound Train and I'm On Fire. Then a very similar tribute to the final night in Dublin with Sandy and Dannys story goin into Growing Up. It didn't stop there fans favourites came out with a requested backstreets, then into the encores with Jungleland and 10th Avenue Freeze Out. The Atmosphere in tonights crowd was ten times better than the previous night and Bruce rewarded us with alot of crowd interaction, requests and an awesome setlist. Had to be there to witness this one im afraid.

Rich Marshall wrote: Sounds about right but are you sure about the order? I was there on the front row and it was amazing! Nils really ripped it up on Because the night!

Jeff wrote: He nailed it on the night. Lot of audible, the setlist was very LOOOse BrOOOce, but fantastic for it. Great singalong on Because the Night.
Loved the "No Job No Girl - Downbound Train" request. It was karaoke Bruce heaven. What a great atmosphere. Keep it coming. PS When is he coming back to Scotland? We miss him.

musicmart wrote: Oh how many more ways are there to express the absolute magnificence of a Bruce event. Have you ever seen a band having such a good time? I know it's only Rock & Roll as a musical event in all its wonderfulness but on a human level it's one huge party of spiritual proportions.More live, live Bruce, more live T.V Bruce & more live C.D Bruce pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze

MICK MUTLOW wrote: Again an amazing show. I was leant against the barrier behind the pit so I had a top spot. The great man slightly slowed things down tonight compared to last night but the set list made up for it. Opening with Out In The Streets was pure genius, but listening to Downbound Train.......wow, Lord have mercy. Great to hear I'm On Fire again, and watching Nils on Because The Night was worth the entrance fee itself.

trinabeanbag wrote: Quite simply the best show of my life so far an experience I wont ever forget (being second row in the pit sure helped)

Steve Watt wrote: Stunning weekend. Collectively the two shows were just about perfect; the first one for the length and the jaw-dropping encores; the second for the impromptu feel especially at the start. I'm sure the band were not sure what Bruce would call next and at one time Nils was wondering which guitar he needed. The band played on and Bruce shouted out 'Come on Nils' as he eventually emerged from the back of the stage and frantically picked up the song. Outstanding two shows and if Cardiff - the ticket arrived today - is only half as good it will be excellent. We had a Spanish couple in front of us and although their English was a bit basic they amazingly knew every word of every song, even the less well known ones such as 4th July, Asbury Park, Sandy. Summed up the universality of Bruce and the band.

steff..c.. wrote: i had not seen bruce since his last glasgow show so i was looking forward to this big time.the show was great i could have stood there all night listening to that kind of performance.the big question is will they do it again?.


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