2008-08-02, Gillette Stadium, Foxboro, MA

Magic Tour
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Soberboss wrote: very crisp sound the best ive heard in 55 shows outside..New big ed's hdtv screens are amazing. Crowd never knew bruce and band were late, it seemed like a fair amount of time to dryoff and test all systems. Great setlist Little Latin and Going Down real treats for long time fans and there were many here tonight. Very cool seeing cute jersey girl moms dancin with their kids. This show is in my top ten of all time. The band was working hard and Bruce was pumped and got it done.
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John Saia wrote: Truly an amazing concert rain and all. This gig was for the real Bruce fans and not the record company. I have been going to Bruce concerts since 1978 and there are always firsts at each one. This particular concert included 2, first was Latin Lupe Lu which I don't ever re-call seeing on any playlist or hearing at any concert I've gone to, the second was taking requests from the crowd in the pit.
By far this was his best concert since the Fenway gigs in '03'. Hearing Jungleland again was a religious experience, it brought my wife to tears. Clarence was truly amazing on the Sax, it was iconic and Roy Bittan on the keyboards was just as incredible.

GLEN GRAUBART wrote: Having seen Bruce on 11/18, I thought this was a completely different show. Thrilled to see Bruce extending the show to almost 3 hours and totally engaging the crowd. Some notable differences from the earlier part of this tour.

First, I have never seen Bruce w/o his guitar as much as this show. He must have gone into the crowd w/o guitar at least a dozen times.

Second, there was a portion of the show that just felt like it was 1999 and 2000 - the Youngstown/ Murder Inc / Shes the One trio.

Totally enjoyed the taking of the request signs. Thrilled to hear Wholl stop the Rain and I'm Going Down.

Jungleland as always was manificent.

For me, this concert was sort of a passing of the torch. Having taken my wife to at least 6 Bruce Shows and my daughter to the 8/2/03 show at Gillette, it was great to now take Adam, my 11 year old son to his first Bruce show.

He really wanted to hear Adam Raised a Cain. However, he did not leave disappointed. He got to hear Spirit (one of his faves). He really liked Badlands and Jungleland too - good taste. What is interesting is to see that generation gravitate to the newer material. Adam thought Mary's Place was fabulous as was Living in the Future. I have to admit Bruce did a great job on Mary's Place.

The highlight of the evening was to see Bruce right after the show. I told Adam to come to area above the stage exit. We first saw Patti, Suzi and Max leave. It was just Adam and I at that point and Max gave us the big thumbs up. Then Bruce came out (there were about 50 of us at this point) and I started to scream out at Bruce telling him that my son was born in Freehold. Bruce pointed and smiled to Adam to indicate that was absolutely fantastic that he had a new fan in Gillette via Freehold! Made our nights!! I don't think Adam will ever forget the experience.

T.Cantillon wrote: Made the drive up from Jersey and it was well worth it. Some great rarities came out this night. Bruce was on fire right out of the gate with a pumped Summertime Blues. Great 10TH Avenue and Spirit, both of which I wanted to hear again since the GS shows.Tunnel of Love worked really well right after Spirit and then came some real surprises: Little Latin Lupe Lu--wow! I was driving up listening to Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly, hoping for some oldies to be pulled out, and there it was. Does this Bus Stop was also great, as was Who'll Stop the Rain, which I haven't heard since one of the rainy nights at GS back in 2003. Youngstown then killed the momentum Bruce and band had been building. Luckily he rescued it with a killer Murder and She's the One. Because the Night or Cover Me would have worked better than Youngstown.
No surprise song after Mary's Place was disappointing, especially after finding out Racing in the Street had been setlisted. He then seemed to rush through Rising, Last and Long Walk and I was getting worried. But when he started the encores and seemed a bit more relaxed, I did also. I'm Goin' Down and Jungleland were great. Nice to hear Glory Days, but am getting tired of Dancin; was hoping for Ramrod or 7 Nights or even Stand on It. But then a rip-roaring Rosie closed the night and sent me soaring back to Jersey in the wee-wee hours.


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