2008-06-23, Sportpaleis, Antwerp, Belgium

Magic Tour
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Andrew anderson wrote: This was the 8th time I'd seen the boss, and the second time in 6 months in this venue. This was probably the best show of all. This was really one for the fans, with much of the 'Magic' set dropped for old stuff, a lot of it pre-1980.
Bruce was much more interactive with his audience than on his previous visit last December. Fans who had queued since 4am on Monday morning were rewarded with classics such as 'Sandy', 'Thundercrack' & 'Fire'.
Clarence seemed not at all well, and spent a large part of the show in a chair at the corner of the stage. But when called upon his sax playing was as brilliant as ever.
I left knowing that I'd once again seen the best rock & roll performing band in the world, and just hoping that it wasn't for the last time.

Hilda de Groot wrote: For me it was the 8th time I saw the Boss on this Magictour ( I know I am a lucky lady:) )
Was is the best show of this tour? That is a hard question to answer and to soon, but it well could be. The setlist was awesome and the interaction with the public was so natural.
I was responsable for the banner with "Thundercrack" on it. The fact he played made this concert for me very special (and for many others, I really didn't know he didn't played in Europe before). But for me there still is Milan and Barcelona.
What is certain that Bruce when challenged, is at is best. In a way I am happy that "Brussels" didn't sell out, the reason why he had to move to Antwerp.

Pedro, Sittard, The Netherlands wrote: This was my last of five shows this tour.
I just can tell, with Trapped into Sandy,
and Fire into Point Blank and the tour-premiere
of I'm a Rocker this was for sure the best one.
The ''Magic'' spirits were goin' till 5.30 in the Antwrep night, these were Glory Days in the promised land !!!


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