2008-08-23, Scottrade Center, St. Louis, MO

Magic Tour
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tlp333 wrote: This was my 5th Bruce show overall, but 1st with the E-Street Band. I had seen him twice on the Lucky Touch Tour, and twice acoustic. Last night was probably the concert of my life, and I have been to hundreds. I'm not sure how the man has been able to put his heart and soul in EVERY performance throughout his long career, but I guess that's what makes him "The Boss".

Brian wrote: Fantastic show. Bruce and the band didn't miss a note all night. Drive All Night, Because the Night, and Jungleland were my highlights, though there was no shortage of standouts. Fate sat me next to a beautiful woman named Nora. Thanks to her for making a great night that much more exciting. Too bad the bar we all headed to after the show was already closed.

Charles Summers wrote: About my 30th show from 1976 till now. What a MAGIC nite it was. It had been at least 30 years since We heard For You, Drive all nite,
and the Detroit Medley in St. Louis. I have a feeling the E-Streeters have a few more tours in them, If not it's been a hell of a drive (all nite). I'm just a Missouri tramp.

Julie wrote: Had to be one of the best set lists ever. Rendezvous and Drive All Night were highlights for me - like to hear the songs not so commonly done live. The opening has become a great favorite of mine on video - super sexy and a wonderful surprise. Just simply a wonderful night to remember.

Matt wrote: My second show, front row, right in the pit. I got little steven's pick and a little something more special from Bruce. During the end of 'Mary's Place', he came over to me and rubbed his hands with mine for about 10 seconds. We both had smiles on our faces, and went back and said, "A little Jersey Baptism". So I got baptized twice. By a priest, and by Bruce, but their the same thing, right?!


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