2009-05-19, Mellon Arena, Pittsburgh, PA

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Big fan! wrote: Of the 10 shows that I have seen, last night was my favorite! Loved the setlist! Brilliant choices... Like a Rollying Stone was over the top! Opening with Badlands was perfect...that is usually played late in the set. Enjoyed the sprinkling of new songs and the Covers were perfect. Good to see 'Big Man' back on his feet. I give the show an A++

Shireen wrote: OMG no comments yet! Unbelivable he ROCKED the arena! The water was swaying in the toilets during the encore! Bruce's guitar moments were one for the books and Max on drums-he beat it out like there was no tomorrow on MONY MONY. A Springsteen concert is truly an EXPERIENCE! I took my 7 yr old granddaughter to her first concert last night in the BURGH and it is a night she will never forget. After each concert I see, I pray he will be back again. I'm hoping after the Europe leg of his tour he will consider coming back. Would love to see him close to Christmas time-NO ONE WEARS A SANTA HAT LIKE THE BOSS. Rock on Bruce!

rRPounder wrote: I'm still not big on the show last night. It'll kick in eventually. After ten shows I think I'm getting too hard to please. I think sitting behind the stage and in the balcony (at full price) might have something to do with it. Four covers? Like A Rolling Stone was fantastic...but, did we need Mony Mony instead of one of his epics especially when the show came in at less then two and a half hours? Also, where was ANYTHING before BTR? What happened to Radio Nowhere? The Wrestler? I mean...it was still a great time...but, I don't think it was one of his best outings. Joe Grushecky called the WDVE morning show and talked about how Bruce said this was the best Pittsburgh crowd he ever played for. That could be true. The place was a rockin' for sure. GO PENS!!!

fred wrote: bruce was at his best,along with the e srteet band the took the music to a new level.bruce is building up to a concert in his back yard at east rutherford.truely history making and booty shaking.god bless you bruce and the e street keep on rocking thank you thank you thank you

Jeff B wrote: I was #69 for the pit, they called #62, so I was in the front row and took my usual spot (when I'm lucky enough to make the pit,this was #8) between Stevie and whatever woman is to his left, glad it wasn't that red-head. Closest I have ever been and although I wasn't too thrilled about the setlist, after 25 shows, my proximity to the band made this one one special. It was a very meaningful night for me with regards to the long trip I have been taking with Bruce. Hadn't been to a Pittsburgh show in 9 years, and saw him 25 years ago in the same building. Plus it was 3 of my nieces and nephews 1st show but they weren't in pit with me. Jackson Cage and Like a Rolling Stone were the highlights for me, but this show to me was about Bruce's continued commitment and high energy and bringing the young people aboard, as I am taking my niece (who is now a rabid fan like me) to the Cleveland show in Nov. Thanks Bruce and bandmates and I'll see you in Cleveland, Nashville, and maybe Buffalo this fall. I miss you Phantom!


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