2009-05-23, Izod Center, East Rutherford, NJ

Working on a Dream Tour
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Katie wrote: Bruce was amazing last night! Outlaw Pete sounded great live, and the E street shuffle and Johnny 99 made my night. He killed it!!! I can't wait to see him again in October!!

Tom Cantillon wrote: What makes a Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band concert so special? What keeps many of us coming back, time and time again? For those who have yet to experience one of their concerts, they just don't know. After 151 shows, I know I can only answer for myself. Why do I keep going back after all these years?
First, his music has a way of transcending everything else in one's life, even if for just those 3 hours you're at the concert. And that in itself is what makes the shows so uplifting and spiritually satisfying. For those few hours one is immersed in the music and the sheer energy, power and passion of the performance, it's enough to remove us from our ordinary lives and place us within all those wild and romantic beliefs that "faith will be rewarded". And sometimes that alone is enough. Sometimes that alone is enough to help us get through and continue forward and still believe. And there are very few other performers who can achieve such a feeling. It's a testament to Springsteen's undying committment to give every audience, regardless of where they play, a concert that is not only filled with great music, but also provides a true spiritual salvation through something as simple as good, old fashioned rock 'n' roll.
I've seen and enjoyed many other concerts, but have NEVER walked away from one feeling the way I do after an E Street Band performance.
I can honestly say that I probably wouldn't be doing some of the things I do in my life had it not been for Springsteen and his music.
His music is both universal and personal at the same time. In a crowd of 20,000, you can feel on any given night that he's playing just for you. It's weird, but true.
His music gives hope. Hope for the simple things in life, like finding a job that doesn't drain the life out of you; having the tenacity not to give up on your dreams, regardless of what they might be; to finding that life-long partner you can ride down the highway with together as you both head for a brighter horizon.
Springsteen's music, his performances, are that light at the end of the tunnel leading us all, we just have to be strong enough and optimistic enough to travel that distance despite "the highway's jammed with broken heroes", because seriously, what else is there to do?
It's life! It comes around once.
No Surrender!
His music is there to remind us not to give up, to keep picking ourselves up and move forward. Move forward, even if it's just one step at a time. And his music is also about being celebratory once you've made that journey. Life is meant to be lived, to experience, not to simply be an observer. One must participate. It is the only way to get something back. That very passion he puts into each and every song and performance is there to remind us that we are to put that same passion into our lives. Blaze like a meteor. Streak across that night sky, because you never know who might be looking up.
All I can say is that over the twenty-nine years of having Springsteen's music in my life and having seen his shows, I know that my life has been changed on many levels for the better. And for that, I have to thank Mr. Springsteen and E Street Band. You keep me believing, and that has made all the difference.
As far as the show: Hands down, one of the best! Easily in my top 20.
Got to meet Jay Weinberg outside before the show. A really nice guy and impressive drummer.
Whereas on Thursday night, Bruce seemed to focus on Born to Run and Darkness, this was more of a Wild & Innocent night. A real treat to get amazing versions of E Street Shuffle, the magnificent Incident on 57th Street and rockin' Kitty's Back!
Powerful versions of Something in the Night, Seeds, Ghost, Cover Me and The Rising!
Cover Me--fit it in with The Rising and Born to Run!
Good Lovin'!! Amazing! Fun! Something he should definitely keep in the set because it's a blast.
Glory Days and Mony Mony were great songs to rock out to and end one of the most amazing shows I've seen over the years.
During several moments throughout the night, I really felt I was watching a band 20 years younger, giving their all.
I don't know how he does it night after night. Springsteen is seemingly without a stop button, a rock 'n roll messiah bent on saving each and every last concert member. At least with me, he's succeeded.
See you in the fall.

Jack of Hearts wrote: There should be an announcement made before the show: "Ladies & Gentlemen and children of all ages, welcome to the Greatest Rock 'n' Roll
Show on Earth!"
Kickass, killer show from start to finish.
Something in the Night!
Seeds, Johnny 99--rocked!
Good Lovin--hell yeah!
Cover Me! Cover Me!
Incident on 57th Street!!! Damn! Flat out amazing! So lucky to have been there for that one. Didn't think it was coming this leg of the tour, but he pulled it out for Jersey and played the hell out of it.
Kitty's Back tore the roof off the joint and Glory Days and Mony Mony just added fuel to the blazing inferno Bruce and band ignited that night! Best damn show! Best damn band--period! Giants Stadium, you bet!

McMurphy wrote: As the first few notes of Roy's piano drifted through the arena for the classic, Incident on 57th Street, I was suddenly transported to the streets of New York, joining Spanish Johnny and Puerto Rican Jane on the eve of where everything they have and have dreamt of, hangs in the balance of Johnny's decision of whether or not to surrender to the seductive calls of the wild street life, or remain in bed with the innocent and lovely Jane.
Where did those barefoot street boys, lost souls and romantic young boys all go?
What do they know? What have they seen?
They through away their switchblade knives, so they have come to realize something that hopefully, Johnny will also.
So many young men thinking they are Marlon Brando or James Dean, wearing their black, leather jacket like a second skin, identified by the hard look in their eyes that only masks their vulnerability and loneliness.
You know you're hoping Johnny makes it, survives the concrete jungle to reunite with Jane down on Lover's Lane.
Damn, he has to.
She's counting on him.
She moved over to share her pillow.
Her heart hangs in the balance. Her hope is on that cross that probably hangs around her neck.
Is her love for Johnny strong enough to rescue him from the underworld?
What a damn fine song.
Thankfully, I got to hear it.
To experience it!
"Good night, it's all tight, Jane."


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