1973-03-18, Oliver's, Boston, MA

Greetings From Asbury Park Tour
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Art Stupar wrote: I was a freshman at URI and originally from New Jersey. This was about the time Greetings from Asbury Park was released, so outside of NJ Bruce was not well known yet.

I had never seen him, and wasn't expecting to see him this particular night, since Bruce and the E-Street Band were not the headliners but were the warm-up act for Lou Reed who had just released an album and was touring. As I remember (could be wrong on this) there was no pre-show mention of the Springsteen appearance that night at Edwards Hall (about 2500 seats). I was in the balcony.

The band played 4 or 5 songs from Greetings and what would become Wild & Innocent. Now, nearly 34 years later and after having seen him dozens of times since--I can't even remember exactly which songs-- except he ended with Rosalita (and I think he did E-Street Shuffle).

He had the place screaming for more, everyone on their feet. This new guy from Jersey wouldn't hit it big for a few years, but that night-- I assume the only night he played at URI--he made his mark.

And if you had a student ID like me, it was literally "priceless." All shows were free to students housed on campus.

I hope there are others out there who remember the show and can fill in some detail.



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