2012-10-25, XL Center, Hartford, CT

Wrecking Ball Tour
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"For You" is done solo piano style.

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T.Cantillon wrote: SMOKIN' HOT SHOW!!
Opens up with Held Up Without a Gun and kept th entire show full of surprises and stellar performances. A great selection of River songs:
Jackson Cage, a killer Point Blank,so rarely played and such a magnificent song, a rocking You Can Look and Out in the Streets--just fantastic.
Been chasing that Pink Caddy for sometime and finally,cruising into Hartford with the horns really adding some bluesy muscle to it--play i more often, Bruce--the crowd loved it!
Incident! Beautiful, poetic, romantic, a masterpiece.
Nils and his solo on Because the Night--UNBELIEVABLE in every way!
For You on piano, another highlight of the night. Last saw Bruce play it solo in Maryland and been waiting ever since for a repeat of that one. Be nice if he did the solo piano slot more often and broke out Real World, Tougher or Drive all Night.
Kitty's Back, complete with a raved up, funky, jazzy contribution from the entire band had the audience dancing and singing along.
Excellent show, well worth the 3hr drive from NJ. Everytime I've seen Bruce in Hartford, the shows have always been some of the best and this night was proof of that.


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