2012-12-04, Honda Center, Anaheim, CA

Wrecking Ball Tour
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Tom Morello guests on several songs, including "This Depression" and "The Ghost of Tom Joad". Mike Ness guests during "Bad Luck". "Long Time Comin'" is a solo and acoustic version.

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Natalie Johnston wrote: The single best night of my life. This show was my 14th birthday present from my dad (we're both huge fans, Springsteen is our #1) and I wouldn't have traded it for anything else in the world. For once I felt like I was exactly what I was supposed to be, and even if I won the lottery and gave it all to my dad I'd still never be able to repay him for giving me such an experience. I know I am incredibly fortunate to see a living legend like Bruce and the E Street Band, and every day I am so thankful for such an experience. Thank you, Dad and Bruce, for the best birthday of all of time.


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