2013-06-15, Wembley Stadium, London, UK

Wrecking Ball Tour
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Full album performance of "Darkness on the Edge of Town". The show ends with an acoustic "Thunder Road".

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george vaughan wrote: I knew that Bruce sometimes put whole albums into his sets and all week I was telling myself not to hope for the whole of darkness, as it was too much to hope for. So last night when he said we can go on taking requests or we can do the whole of darkness on the edge of town I could of cried with joy but I'm English so I didn't! As he launched into badlands and knowing that something in the night streets of fire and RACING IN THE STREET and all of them were to come is something ill never forget. Thank you Bruce and e street!

WOODY wrote: Its two days after the show.....i have lost my voice, my legs & feet ache, im feeling exactly the same way as i do after every other boss show i have attended over the years but boy i am not complaing!! Another show full of surprises ie doing requests after a couple of songs at the start of the show, the whole of "darkness" being performed (which meant 2 never heard live before songs for me...Streets of fire & Something in the night)same for "lost in the flood"....then bringing Light of Day back....thanks Bruce it was a great night. Was it really 28 years ago at the same venue on the bitusa tour??? Where has the time gone!!

Nigel wrote: An intense, passionate performance! After five days it is finally sinking in and I’m semi-rational again. This was up there with some of the best shows I have seen, nudging into the top five of the 25 I have been fortunate enough to experience over the years, alongside the second night of the Wembley Arena run on the River Tour in 1981 (my first), the two MSG New York City shows at the end of 2009 for the WIESS and River albums and Manchester last year where my daughter got on stage in her blue boots, bless her.

I always get a lot of fun out of meeting fellow fans and being part of the build up to the show. I read that the Brits and overseas fans were separated in the queues going into the stadium, I did not realise that on the day, but I guess it must have been true. Anyhow, we were all back together once inside and I was amongst a great group of people in the pit from a variety of European countries. The only disappointment in the queuing being the intense tropical downpour that drenched us late afternoon, memories of Manchester flooded back.

It was clear from early on that something special was up. I don’t want to repeat what I have read in all the fabulous five star reviews and other fan comments, I just feel the need to capture some of the special moments I experienced from my perspective, six rows back from the central podium.

Bruce was buzzing with energy, his voice was in great shape and the band were in an excellent and playful mood, no doubt having benefitted from the ten day rest. The mix of songs in that first phase was tremendous. I love Land of Hope and Dreams (but as others have said it didn’t seem to fit so well in the first slot), but that combined with Jackson Cage, Save My Love and Rosalita, you got the sense this was far from being a routine Wrecking Ball show. Then Lost in the Flood! I have waited three decades to hear that song live and it was done brilliantly, Bruce full of passion and fiery intensity, certainly the highlight from the first third of the show.

The full Darkness on the Edge of Town was very special, I had been secretly hoping to hear this album in full but did not dare to imagine that would happen, I feel so lucky to have experienced this. A sensational performance, handled majestically and with dignity by the band. A dark set of songs, it surprised me that Bruce put this on for Wembley, but it was phenomenal. And I got to hear another song that has eluded me for many years, Streets of Fire was a highlight of many great moments from this stretch of the show.

The sound has received a lot of criticism, I am sure that the half roof on Wembley Stadium did not help in this respect. I was very lucky to be dead centre and right at the front so did not notice the reverb except in the quieter moments when the effect seemed to add to the atmosphere, particularly the middle section of Something in The Night with the slow drum beat echoing around the stands and finally the emotional Thunder Road resonating out into the night.

At these concerts, alongside the memories of all the wonderful music and the style of performance, it is often the little moments that stick most in the mind. So I won’t forget seeing Max watching Bruce like a hawk as his feet tapped out the slow beat in that mid section of Something In The Night. This together with Nils and Steve dashing for guitar changes ahead of Rosalita demonstrated the fluidity in choice and performance of songs during this fabulous concert. Steve was in a fun, playful mood. There was a great moment during Rosalita when he was on the central podium with Bruce and Jake and when Bruce was not looking he strolled to the front with his arms out wide as if to say – “here I am, my people” then, with a furtive look over the shoulder, he slunk back again behind his boss. During Pay Me My Money Down when Bruce, Charlie and Jake were on the central podium, as the music stops midway through and Bruce gets the small group around me to pick up the rhythm and bring the band back in, at that moment it felt as if we were in a little club, the 71000 people around and behind us might as well have not been there.

Then Thunder Road to finish, beautiful and very moving, like many I had tears in my eyes and a lump in the throat. That will stay with me forever.

So I’m now ready for the next performance on this leg of the tour. After that experience, I’m not sure that I can hope to see anything better, but as in all things with Bruce, I know it will be passionate, unexpected and a huge pleasure. Roll on HRC, Born to Run anyone?


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