2013-06-18, Hampden Park, Glasgow, Scotland

Wrecking Ball Tour
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"Thunder Road" is a solo acoustic version.

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Ellie wrote: Truly awesome night - Thunder Road was a spine tingling beautiful tribute to The Big Man. Rosalita part of requested songs which I was more than happy about as it is my all time favourite

Ramroder wrote: This was my first show and I was not disappointed. With nothing to compare against I thought it was a classic and after reading reviews by others who have racked dozens of shows my thoughts were confirmed.

Some songs that I never expected to hear, some that I had hoped to hear - Rosie & Murder Inc being two of my favourites. All in all, an incredible night and yes, with so many memories of listening to their music growing up I was moved to tears at the tribute to Clarence & Danny. Thank you Bruce & the band, and thank you Clarence & Danny.


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