2013-07-11, Ippodromo delle Capannelle, Rome, Italy

Wrecking Ball Tour
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Half an album show with side 2 of The Wild, the Innocent being played along with "Kitty's Back" from side 1. For "New York City Serenade" Bruce and the band are joined by an Italian string section.

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Alberto wrote: You have to be there, as many times as you can, you have to be there for nights like this one... Rouletee caught by surprise many fans, Stand On It was great fun, but of course the real real highlight of the show was the "Wild set", with NYC Serenade played with Roma Sinfonietta, a six-string ensemble. that really made my day... Crowd was lively and warm as usual in Italy, but I believe that Milan was a better show as far as the interaction with Bruce is concerned. I wish he would change a bit the encore session, since it is pretty much a known story after The Rising... It is nevertheless one of my top three shows as per the setlist.


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