2013-07-23, Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, Wales

Wrecking Ball Tour
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Eric Burdon guests during "We Gotta Get Out of This Place". "Janey Don't You Lose Heart" and "Thunder Road" are solo acoustic.

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WOODY wrote: Have had time to reflect on this show & have to admit that this is definately going to be amongst my most favourite bruce shows that i have been priveliged to attend over the years...i was a bit disapointed after the Olympic Park show to be honest(that was supposed to be my final one this tour), not with Bruce's & the gang's performance I hasten to add! more so the festival type of surroundings that went with it!! Of course thats just my opion but with that slight feeling of anti-climax(no more bruce shows syndrome) still for some reason in my mind I was determined that I must catch another show before the end of this tour & Cardiff looked to be a safe bet. I will not bore everyone about the show...people that were there will have their own views, memories etc, but for me personally, to finally hear "Roulette"(one of my top 5 Bruce songs) for the first time live was worth the trip alone!...then throw in the one & only performance (so far)of "TV Movie" then we get "Cynthia" ... "Im a Rocker"... "Summertime Blues"... "We gotta get out of this Place"... "Janey Dont you Lose Heart"...!! all these before mentioned songs were "first timers live" for me so you can understand why i am still beaming thinking about the show even now.....then throw in old chestnuts like "Boom Boom" "Ramrod" "Spirit in the Night".....i could go on but i wont. Just wanted to say as this was definately my last gig this tour, thanks to all the fans who really made the shows that I attended(Wembley, Coventry, Olympic Park, Cardiff)even more memorable. Last but not least special thanks to Bruce & the band (yet again)for making the last couple of months just that little bit MORE SPECIAL :O)


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