2014-02-16, AAMI Park, Melbourne, Australia

High Hopes Tour
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Full album performance of Born to Run. The show clocks in at 3 hours 49 minutes.

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AussieJohn wrote: First gig at Bruce's current preferred Melbourne venue. AAMI park is a great fit for Estreet and I hope they keep coming!
A nice long show, just under 4 hours. A very special opportunity to hear the entire Born to Run album especially Meeting across the river that I have loved from my first cassette tape.

Dean Murphy wrote: Again blown away, what can I say. Got completely Bruced. Wish I was one of those people rich enough to follow this guy around the world for a year. Raw, genuine and passionate.
The day before I said to the wife imagine if he opened with BITUSA like he did back in 1985. I said this with a chuckle thinking no way it would ever happen. Well you wouldn't beleive it. Right on cue he cracked open the concert with BITUSA. Awesome plus. Of course the rest of the concert rocked. 3 hours and 45 minutes including the BTR album.
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