2014-04-12, Farm Bureau Live at Virginia Beach, Virginia Beach, VA

High Hopes Tour
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Elyse wrote: What a blast! Does anyone know the attendance count? Thanks!

T. Cantillon wrote: First show in quite some time and what a terrific show. Scored a Pit ticket and was dead center all night. Bruce and E Street Band opened with an energetic "May I", which sounded great and set the tone for a fun-filled, party mood, Bruce. After some hard-hitting tunes such as "Darkness" and "Death to My Hometown", Bruce was ready to turn the party loose with great renditions of: "Sherry Darling", "Talk to Me", "Seaside Bar Song" and "Jersey Girl".
Happy to get "Because the Night" and "She's the One"!
Love the electrified, revved up version of "Tom Joad"--excellent!
The encores kicked off with a powerful version of "The Wall", very haunting, full band treatment. "Seven Nights" was crazy, fun, as Bruce ran about and even let Roy play piano using his head. "Shout" was a a lot of fun and Bruce closed the show with a full band, "Thunder Road", which was a perfect way to end the party. Thanks again, Bruce and E Street Band, for another unforgettable night of rock 'n' roll! Well worth the drive from Jersey.


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