2014-05-13, Times Union Center, Albany, NY

High Hopes Tour
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gracie wrote: This is Your Sword that night!! It's a song that will stay in my heart always. Even though I'm an atheist this is my hymn. Not sure about gospel Bruce? Try it you'll like it!

T. Cantillon wrote: Loved this show!!
Full of energy from the start and plenty of surprises. Great to hear so many unusual choices; helped make for a very memorable show!
"Don't Change" was a great opener--Bruce and band really blasting into it. "Something in the Night"--powerful and haunting. I also liked "This is Your Sword." Not sure why Bruce has decided not to showcase more songs from High Hopes. There are some great missed opportunities with: "Hunter of Invisible Game", "Frankie Fell in Love", and "Down in the Hole".
"Treat Her Right" was a blast. Wouldn't mind if they pulled that out more often. "Save the Last Dance" was a beautiful moment. Wasn't sure I was going to like "Staying Alive", but that turned out to be one of the most fun songs all evening, with the horns and backup singers really getting into it.
Acoustic "Kingdom of Days" was another surprise. Never cared for the album version, but the solo version--really emphasized the lyrics--great version.
Glad "Light of Day" is back in the sets--a terrific rocker.
"The Wall" is another highlight. Chilling. One of my favorite songs on the new album. Especially powerful when coupled with "Born in USA"!
One of the best times I've had at a concert.
Hope the tour continues in the fall.


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