2014-05-18, Mohegan Sun, Uncasville, CT

High Hopes Tour
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T.Cantillon wrote: An electrifying performance! Bruce was on fire from the moment he stepped on stage and remained so through out the entire show. The main set alone blazed with simply some great rock 'n' roll.
The show started with a rousing "Roll of the Dice" and "Leap of Faith" combo. "Jump" was also very good. An unusual request for "Santa Claus" actually had the entire place singing along. "Seven Angels" definitely needs to be played more. "Frankie" was also a great choice that night. Although "Darkness on the Edge of Town" is not an epic song, Bruce played it as if it were and it was intense! "You Can Look" was fun to hear, as Bruce and Stevie shared the mike with this one, as well as on, "Frankie Fell in Love."
Then came an extended set of hard-hitting rock. One of the best "Adam Raised the Cain" versions I've seen. Bruce burned the solos and the band kicked some real muscle into it. Following "Adam" came "High Hopes", "Youngstown", "Murder Incorporated", an extended, powerful, "Johnny 99", "Cadillac Ranch" and "I'm a Rocker!" The Springsteen/Morello version of "Ghost of Tom Joad" is simply a highlight of any of the shows. Wondering where Bruce was going to take the show after opening the encores with "Born to Run" and "Ramrod", an extremely emotional and spiritual version of "Jungleland" and "Dream Baby Dream" closed out one of the best shows I've seen Bruce and band play. He managed to balance a night of hard-rocking songs with a very emotional end to the show, the night and the tour. What makes Bruce unique as a performer is that, he goes on instinct, and after delivering an intense, nonstop rock show, he gave us what many rock shows fail to deliver, a moment of personal intimacy that truly connects and resonates with his audience. It's exactly what great music should be and there's no greater performer or band to deliver such a promise. And they do so, night after night, tour after tour. Amen to that!
Thanks once again for some amazing shows, even if this leg of the tour was a short one.


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