2016-01-31, Prudential Center, Newark, NJ

The River Tour 2016
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T.Cantillon wrote: The portion of the show containing the entire River album was an intense, heartfelt, emotional 2 hour ride. Highlights: I Wanna Mary You, Point Blank, a powerful Drive All Night, Stolen Car and Fade Away. The rockers were great: You Can Look, Cadillac Ranch, Two Hearts and Ramrod were fueled with a lot of guitar-driven energy.
I was hoping the second portion of the show would have presented some surprises for the NJ crowd, but the set turned out to be a pretty standard one.
Atlantic City, Human Touch, Badlands and Shout added some kick to the last portion.
Overall, a fantastic show. Hoping as the tour continues, he shakes up the set after The River portion with some spontaneous surprises. That was the one thing missing from the show, the one thing you come to expect and truly appreciate about a Springsteen E Street Band show.


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