2016-02-12, Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PA

The River Tour 2016
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Nick wrote: Philly shows usually have a special feel to them, and this one was no exception. Bruce and the band brought it from the start. Playing in front of a packed house, Meet Me in the City kicked off the show and was well received by the crowd who largely seemed to be familiar with the new outtake. The River album performance was everything I hoped it to be. The band rocked hard on Cadillac Ranch, You Can Look, and Ramrod. Crush on You and I'm a Rocker were also extremely fun and played well live. Drive All Night and Fade Away were powerful, and to my surprise Bruce brought out the 12 string guitar for The Price You Pay. After The River album finished, the second set electrified the crowd. A strong rendition of Atlantic City kicked off the post-River set. Nils performed a fantastic solo on Prove it All Night, and he even broke out a spin as he solo'd. Following that, My Love Will Not Let You Down had its tour premiere. I would love to hear that one in the set more often. When the opening notes of Jungleland rang out, I instinctively thought "wow, this is special." A flawless Jungleland floored the crowd. Rosie and Dancing in the Dark were fun as always, and even though they're being played every night, they're still a highlight of the show. Shout closed the show as anticipated, and everyone went home dancing. It was a wonderful, fun night in Philly.


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