2016-03-28, Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

The River Tour 2016
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New date for the show on January 24 that was postponed due to a winter blizzard.

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Tom Cantillon wrote: Watching the E Street Band in synch, effortlessly performing their magic for over 3 hours is a real treat. They make an ordinary moment extraordinary by simply doing what comes naturally to them. The rockers: Crush On You, You Can Look,
Two Hearts and Ramrod are pure fun. Point Blank, I Wanna Mary You, Independence Day, Stolen Car, Price You Pay & Drive all Night are easily some of the highlights throughout the night. Bruce and band were firing on all cylinders during this show and blasted through killer versions of Badlands, Because the Night and Jungleland! Thanks for a stellar show and an amazing performance of The River album.


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