2016-04-25, Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY

The River Tour 2016
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"Blinded by the Light" is done with the help of a girl in the audience who - through a sign - claimed to know all the lyrics to it, which she did.

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Tom Cantillon wrote: Went to Church on Monday night, Church of Bruce & E Street Band for a truly spiritual, redemptive night of rock 'n' roll.
During this tour, I felt very lucky to have caught over half a dozen shows and to have had THE RIVER played from start to finish--absolutely loved it!
Bruce and band rocked the house for 3 & half hours!
Raucous Crush on You, You Can Look, Cadillac Ranch & Ramrod had everyone dancing.
Great to see him select a few signs and just wing it after he'd finished with The River portion of the show.
Boom, Boom, Boom, Loose Ends and Trapped--great surprises.
Got Purple Rain again tonight, in the encores; another amazing performance, followed by high octane versions of Born to Run, Dancing, 10th Ave and Shout.
Thanks Bruce & E Street Band! Blazing show and amazing tour! Looking forward to more USA shows the summer/fall.


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