1974-08-14, Carlton Theatre, Red Bank, NJ

The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle Tour
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Matt wrote: My first Springsteen concert. The band members were Bruce, Clarence, Gary, Danny, David Sancious and Ernest "Boom" Carter. I believe this was David Sancious and Ernest Boom Carter's last night in the band.

There was an early show and a late show, both with an opening act called the Incredible String Band who was not that incredible.

We went to the late show. Bruce came on after 1:30am and opened with David Sancious and Clarence playing an incredible New York City Serenade. Best ever!!! Some other highlights were Rosie, Sandy, Spirit in the Night, E Street Shuffle and a very early version of Born To Run.

I still recall that Bruce was showing Ernest Boom Carter the break in the middle of Born To Run. You could tell it was a work in progress but it still sounded very strong. He ended the show playing covers such as Quarter To Three and Twist and Shout. The show ended way past 4:00am. What a way for me to get indoctrinated into the music of Bruce Springsteen!


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