1974-10-12, Alexander Hall, Princeton University, NJ

The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle Tour
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Two shows.

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elsie wrote: The show that made me a 70's-Bruce junkie; my only '74 show, first since unintentionally seeing Bruce open for Chicago at Madison Sq Garden, summer'73.
The openning was classic and gripping, I guess typical for then. Dark quiet theater, then a light on Suki Lahav, stage left, begins the solo violin intro. A few bars in, simultaneously, Bruce begins to sing/tell 'Incident..', as a single spotlight from behind the stage brightens, so the crowd just sees the silhouette of 'that' Bruce - cap, leather jacket, canvas sneaks... Then 2 hours of a breath-taking wall-of-sound rock'n'roll party.
David Sancious was incredible, especially (of course) in 'Kitty's Back' - I am soo grateful I saw him with Bruce, and (no offense, Danny or Roy) I wish he'd lasted longer with Bruce. By my next show, Bottom Line'75, the 'classic' line-up was in place.

Matt wrote: Think you might be mistaken Elsie, Dave Sancious was gone by this point. I believe his last show was 8-14-74 in Red Bank.


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