1974-11-16, Gaston Hall, Georgetown University, Washington, DC

The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle Tour
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Charlie Barker wrote: So Jay commented how many years ago and this site hasn't researched,confirmed, and given credit to my Alma Mater yet?!?!

Take Gaston Hall down and put the AU Cassell Gymnasium up(not Leonard Hall - my dorm). I was there too Jay! Do you remember the Curly Shuffle?

jayalden wrote: charlie you are probably right on the gyms name and the curly shuffle rings a bell but it wqs a hell of a show btw mcdowell hall here and a surviver of one yr of Dr Charles Ferster and the Univesity Learning Center.

jayalden wrote: I saw this show, which was actually at Leonard Gymnasium on the campus of American University. An incredible night of music, free for American University students. Of the nearly 250-300 concerts I have seen since my first concert in 1971 or 1972 through today this was the greatest frigging concert I have ever seen. Suki Lahav on violin, 4 or 5 encores and the band seemed to play for ever. 31 years later I still remember a transcendent version of Jungleland with intro by Suki Lahav and an orgasmic Clarence solo, a version of New York City Serenade that seemed to go forever(I confess I may misremember bits of the show because it was the seventies but I swear I heard this) and the greatest version of Spirits in the Night I ever heard. After the show I raved for days that the show that could have healed the sick and raised the dead.


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