1975-07-23, Music Inn, Lenox, MA

Born to Run Tour
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John Williamson wrote: The Music Inn was a short lived outdoor venue in the Berkshires Hills of Massachusetts. It was a late afternoon show on a perfect summer day. The small crowd of about 2000 stretched out on the grass and was simply blown away. Springsteen's reputation as an amazing performer didn't prepare us for the incredible show we saw. At one point Bruce got up on top of the piano and we all went nuts. Interestingly, Emmylou Harris was the opening act. She came out toting a quart bottle of tequila, took a big swig and went into her set. My how times have changed. It was one of the best music experiences of my life... so far. This is coming from a guy who saw Janis Joplin. A great memory.

Mark James wrote: I also remember it as an incredibly lovely day, and there was a buzz in the air about Springsteen. i remember there being a lot more than 2,000 people in attendance, though. He put on an amazing show that confirmed to everyone in attendance that he was indeed for real.

Dominic DeLeo wrote: I've been trying to track down a performance of
Springsteen, thought it was 74 or 75, was summertime. My memory was that it was a festival, and that Springsteen was just one of the acts, perhaps went on one or two before the headliner.
It was outdoors, description of Music inn sounds right, time sounds about right.

Does this sound right?

Richard Alberty wrote: Rode out in a VW Bug to Lenox from Gardner Mass, The Music Inn was a natural bowl with pavilion up top and stage down below. BYOB and whatevah'. Laid back venue with a good sound system. Stood by soundboard during this show. Drove the music hard and fast. High energy up on stage and from all my neighbors on the hill. What a BUZZ.. Man pheew. Tanglewood was just east of Music Inn. Area is now Condo's. Saw many acts there for few years while at MWCC.


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