1975-07-28, Carter Baron Theatre, Washington, DC

Born to Run Tour
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Yippie70 wrote: I'm amazed no one has commented on this show...for the 4,000 die-hards in attendance it was an unforgettable show. Intermittent, torrential rains delayed the show starting and caused the crew to set up and break down the stage three times...And through it all, no one left...Soaked to the bone in an outdoor amphitheater, we were rewarded with a dynamite show, Bruce and the Band holding nothing back and appreciating the fans who stayed...My rock 'n roll moment came when Bruce leaped from the stage over the orchestra pit during Spirit in the Night, landing on a ledge directly in front of me...I stuck out my hand and we slapped five...two young Jersey guys...
I'd seen Bruce a few times before this show, I've seen him innumerable times since...Always remember this show, that rain, the fans...and that moment!


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