1975-07-29, Carter Baron Theatre, Washington, DC

Born to Run Tour
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Jim Ryan wrote: Ok, imagine, off work on a hot day, over at my friend's girl's home, her mom comes home from the USO job she has, and announces no one claimed these concert tics. Who is it, we ask...poor woman, she answers Bruce Springs or something...I say Springsteen? she answers that might be it...my buddy and his girl say who is that? I say, he did that song spirit in the night...good song, let's go...THEY TAKE CONVINCING, but finally go.
Now I know this list says theatre, but trust me, this is a pretty little outdoor AMPITHEATRE, seats maybe 1500, small chairs with arms, and then a grassy knoll for sitting. We were about 5 rows back dead center. Scruffy short guy comes out, and I am like, oh yeah, what does this guy have...Oh my, I must tell you, halfway through the first song EVERYONE is standing on the arms of their chairs. Sandy, even before I had the album, touched my soul, Spirit, my god, we sang along at the top of our lungs. We never came off the arms of those chairs til ten minutes after the show was over...then we went down to the old Childe Harold, as the rumour was he was going to do a late night show there. He didn't show, but we got to see Joanne Dodds and her band, another excellent talent. Imagine, first Bruce show is free to see, and in the relatively early days. I have over 40 shows under my belt now, and still cannot wait for the next one.
One more quick aside, to show how serendipity works...I was Senior Class President of my high school, Hayfield High in Alexandria, Va. Our Senior Class fundraiser, I hired NILS LOFGREN and GRIN with the EDGAR WINTER GROUP. This was 1974, and is still the record setter as far as amount raised in the history of the school. You guys know Nils, right? yes, that is the same Nils. Life is cool when neat things happen, hey? Oh, and yes, we went the next night too....I do not think there were 3 shows as it says in the list, but I could be mistaken, and my buddy thinks John Prine opened for Bruce...I cannot swear that is true, but I did see Prine at the same venue, another great one! Thanks for letting me tell my story!
Written from Haymarket, VA.

Jim Ryan wrote: Sorry, but wanted to add this web site so you can see the ampitheatre...http://www.nps.gov/rocr/planyourvisit/cbhistory.htm

Thanks again, I appreciate posting!

Lisa wrote: I was at this show, too, the second time seeing Bruce...it was magical, drinking warm beer on a soft summer night....shoulda hit Childe Harold afterwards, I knew the bass player in the Joanne Dodds band, and the Childe - at that time - belonged to my brother's roommate's father. Okay enough name dropping...!


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