1975-08-08, Civic Theatre, Akron, OH

Born to Run Tour
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Dave Shoop (jerseytribute.com) wrote: I had been told "I had to see Bruce Springsteen" This show was like no other I'd seen before or after. The energy of the music, the dynamics and visual impression made me a Springsteen fan from that point on. The band was just amazing and Bruce was amazing vocally. He was a magnetic character on stage just captivating everyone in the room. 35 years later I still feel the same way.

Kevin Chisnell wrote: I had just turned 16 and had no clue as to who Bruce was or what he did onstage. "Maybe he sings and plays sax like David Bowie", someone said before the show. Then, Bruce and the E Street Band came out and it became a religious experience.
I could never remember what the first song was and I'm glad the set list was here. I do remember they announced "no flash photography in the first 3 songs" a couple times before the show started. Bruce came out and put his arm over his floppy hat as he sang. He then introduced "the title track off my new album... Tenth Avenue Freezeout"! It was a three hour show and Bruce didn't take breaks back then. I recall feeling like I'd "just seen SOMETHING", something really big. I've been to 10 shows since and each one is incredble, but nothing stands up to the first one. Thanks for letting me share.


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