1975-09-23, Hill Auditorium, University Of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Born to Run Tour
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Briar Duckworth wrote: Hitchhiking to New Orleans form Toronto and was asked by the students I was staying with if I wanted to see Bruce. I had no idea who he was. It was my 17th birthday Sept. 23 didn't know it was Bruce's as well. Blown away great gig. Raved to everyone, Saw him in Toronto in Dec. 75, 3 months Later

Debbie Elster wrote: What is interesting about this show is that after Rosalita, pretty much the entire place emptied out of the auditorium and left. I was lingering in the lobby trying to buy a t-shirt, when I heard music coming from somewhere. I finally poked my head in the auditorium and there was the Band on stage with a small group of people gathered around the stage. They were doing the Detroit Medley, which I later came to find out was the first time they had ever played it. I guess most people thought the show was over, including me!! It was the most amzing show I had ever seen.


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