1975-10-02, Uptown Theatre, Milwaukee, WI

Born to Run Tour
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J. Schrank wrote: I was too young to have attended this show (13), but having recently been kindly gifted with a copy (thanks again) that I gave to my husband and my brother, who were there, I gathered these memories from them.

My brother was 17 and went to the show by himself. After the bomb threat, when he was walking out of the theater, he was handed two tickets to get back in. He went to a friend's house who lived in the area and asked her if she wanted to come back to the concert with him and she did. He says he remembers being surprised at how good of a lead guitarist Springsteen was.

My dad picked him up after the concert and neither of our parents has any memory of being concerned that my dad was picking him up at two in the morning!

My husband was 20 and went with his 19 year old brother and his 17 year old sister. My husband said the only songs he had heard on the radio before the concert were from "Greetings..." (Maybe "Growing Up" or "Spirits in the Night"), but the local DJ talked up the concert enough that they decided to go. He remembered the concert opening with "Meeting Across the River" and he was surprised because he thought Springsteen was supposed to be a rocker.

When the bomb threat came in, my husband remembers that they were told to come back at midnight. They went to a bar across the street and because his younger sister had school the next day, they discussed whether they should take her home, but she said, "No way."

Although Bruce says they were "drinking their skulls out" at the hotel bar during the break, my husband says there was no way they could have been drunk and played like they did.

For those of you who wonder why Bruce says the name of the hotel so strangely, the name of the hotel is the PFISTER HOTEL and it is still around and still one of the nicest in town. The Uptown Theatre on the other hand is long gone--there is a huge police station built on the site.

It must have been an unforgettable show--I have heard that Springsteen often makes mention of it when he plays in Milwaukee, and it is almost legendary to most music fans in town.

Dale Hamblin wrote: I was at this show, seems like thunder road was acoustic? went around Milwaukee looking at record stores, when came back, bruce and the Band all in black leather and was rockin!


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