1975-11-01, Robertson Gym, Santa Barbara, CA

Born to Run Tour
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Jim Trowbridge wrote: a friend had read the rolling stone review, and said something about the future of rock and roll....bruce had me with the first harmonic chords of thunderroad....i stood up and never sat down again that nite...nobody really knew who this guy was and he ROCKED the house (gym)...having seen over 80 shows, the first is still special.

James Schuster wrote: I had skipped seeing him at the Roxy, Los Angeles 10 days earlier (too much hype). I drove up to UCSB because a friend had given me a ticket. It was worth the 100 mile drive. I was won over by the first song - Thunder Road, piano backing only with one high stage light lighting Bruce from behind. Very dramatic - especially if you are 18 and trying to figure the great big world out.


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