1975-11-11, Jai Alai, Miami, FL

Born to Run Tour
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Rocknr wrote: I saw this show. . . It was my very first Bruce show. . .
I remember that no one I knew had any idea who this Springsteen guy was, so after trying in vain to get someone to go with me to the show, I went alone. I walked up to the Fronton box office and bought a ticket for $6 . . . Yeah, $6! And I didn't have to stand in line, just got my ticket and walked right in. . . My seat was down front, row 5 on the isle to the left of center (Danny's side) . . The light went down . . . And stayed down just a little longer than usual. . . Then seemingly outta nowhere a spotlight and there he is sitting on the edge of the stage, harmonica and piano start off Thunder Road. . . " The screen door slams . . . ". It was magic, and it changed my life forever!
I am a lifelong fan and have seen many, certainly my share, of amazing Springsteen shows, with and without the E-Street Band, and am nothing if not grateful to have witnessed them all! But. . . This show, was my first. . . The one that set the standard for all others to come. . . It was like nothing I'd ever seen before or since! I was there! It was revelatory! I TESTIFY!

Bengalswin wrote: This was my first Springsteen show. Me and a friend got tickets centerstage, about 8 rows back. When we got there some of the sound equipment was in our seats. We stood around and pretty soon someone came and apologized for the equipment. They then lead us down to the front row, centerstage. What a show. Rock and Roll heaven.


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