1975-11-23, RAI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Born to Run Tour
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zoothorn wrote: Was living on a houseboat by the flea market and my girlfriend told me about Springsteen coming to Amsterdam so i bought us tickets. The general music scene was kind of stale at the time. There was a buzz about Bruce coming, serious buzz. But I had seen it all before. That night a guy wearing a floppy wool cap showed up on stage and just pinned me back with the best show i had ever witnessed. I had seen the stones a few years earlier and they made us wait and wait before they delivered an absolutely evil set which had been my concert high point up until then. But Springsteen clearly cared... he wanted to rock his audience. I was pretty hashed up but i'm sure he jumped off the stage at one point and up the aisle singing Rosalita? But somehow he had conviced me from the first lines of Thunder Road that this stuff really mattered. It mattered again. Should confess that before that show I had never heard Springsteen. There had been hype going around at the time about the "I have seen the future", etc. remark and the ensuing controversy. Listen, i never write stuff into any outside web sites. But I owe it somehow. Because that night I believed again. Soon after I put the guitar down realizing i had better leave this kind of stuff to the truly gifted. I moved to California to study photography. This cat had moved me in a way that just changed my life. Later, the next year and then at the closing of Winterland I snapped pictures of Springsteen on stage while that magic happened all over again. But like they say: there is nothing like the first time. So it just needed typing it on down here tonight. I owe it, you know..? Bruce Springsteen in Amsterdam, even in a hashy ganja haze, is simply my all time favourite show. Oh yeah, for those who just care for the facts: he referred to himself as Scooter.


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