1975-12-11, Seton Hall, South Orange, NJ

Born to Run Tour
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Richard Conger wrote: I was 20 years old when I first saw him with my brother at Seton Hall Gym in Dec '75, right in the midst of the BTR tour. I didn't know anything about his music, (I bought BTR the day after the show, and Greetings and WIESS for that matter), the hype was there from the Time and Newsweek articles in Oct, but I could never have been prepared for what I witnessed that night. The action on stage was, at times, frenetic and appeared to be spontaneous, although I'm not foolish enough to think that none of it was choreographed. The music and movements were raw and dramatic, not as structured as they appear now. The stage was darker. Bruce was much more athletic. (So was I, for that matter). His leaps from the piano were leaps, not Oh my God, let me down easy.

We settled into our seats in the first row of the balcony (the entire Gym was GA seating). The stage was black, and slowly the first harmonica strains from Thunder Road began. A single spotlight from above slowly brightens on a lone mic stand at center stage. A skinny, scruffy, bearded, almost elf-like figure appears from the darkness, wearing a floppy, wool cap. From that moment, through Twist and Shout, I was transported to the most amazing place. The show was relentless in its energy. He leaped about the stage, spinning and dancing during the fast songs and dramatically hushed the Gym during the poetic slower songs. He moved fluidly from high drama to crazy youthful comedy. Just when you thought it was over, he would come back on stage for more; like a boxer, exhausted but refusing to give up the fight. Well, he is still fighting, and at 54, he still amazes me.

Over the years I've seen him about 30 times, in different venues in the NJ/NY/PA area. Each time, I take a moment during the show and look around, (usually during BTR) and thank the good Lord that I'm fortunate to be back at another show, cause you never know, it might be the last.

Following a mind-draining solid 3 1/2 hours, my brother and I left the gym, we were quiet as we walked to the car. Just imagine seeing Bruce, but not having any idea what to expect. It was almost unfair. We had been blasted out of our seats. We were exhausted and almost numb. We rode home in silence. Years later, we reflected back and knew then what Jon Landau was talking about.

Greg Arnold wrote: Richard, I was at that show also. Was completely blown away.

And I too always look around the shows at the crowd, usually when the house lights come up during BTR. It's something I've taught my 4 kids to do.

Shows 170+ coming up in'14 in freakin Australia for me (only because our oldest lives in Sydney)!

deborah fay wrote: I was at that show as well. I took my daughter to see
Him at MetLife stadium a few nights ago and I was trying to
Tell her what he was like on 1975. He was wild. I was hooked!


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