1975-12-20, National Arts Centre, Ottawa, Canada

Born to Run Tour
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B. B. wrote: It was my first concert at the NAC.
Bruce showed up late due to some conflict with thw airlines. He came on stage with 2 other band members. He sang an accoustical version of Thunder road and then offered refunds after the song because the rest of the band was not there. Iwill never forget when he went and took a glass of water from the drum area and there was no drummee there he turned and walked back to centre stage , peiople in the audience were all whispering cause we disn't know what was going on but we all yelled out loud to keep on going minutes went by and then from the side of the stage Clarence comes walking out with the rest of the band members . It was the best I had ever seen . I had come only having heard Born to run on the radio and just bought the album. Its now 30 years later and I am a true blue Springsteen fan it is like an experience to see him in concert , and always will. My wife always says about me that you always know which car dad drove there is always a Boss cd in the machine. Thanks Bruce for all the great memories you have given me ant the beautiful stories you have filled my heart with. Born to Run forever.


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