1976-04-04, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

Born to Run Tour
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Paula wrote: I'll just never forget the night I saw Bruce. He was all over the stage, just having a great time. So was I for that matter. Nobody is better in concert than Bruce!

Mike Combes wrote: This was my first Bruce concert ever and it is a concert experience I will never forget. The first time I had ever heard a Springsteen song was the night before when a guy in my dorm let me borrow Born to Run. I was not initially impressed, but still decided to go to the show. The songs that didn't mean anything to me on the record came to life during his live performance. I had never seen a performer connect with the audience like this before. I was a Bruce fan forever. My favorite song of the night was actually a cover of the Animals "It's My Life". Bruce the storyteller told of playing his guitar in his bedroom as his father yelled at him to keep the noise down. Interesting tidbit, I had a friend who was an usher for the show and he was there during the soundcheck and Bruce played "Incident on 57th Street.


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