1976-04-09, Colgate University, Hamilton, NY

Born to Run Tour
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Don Freedman wrote: My first. Made all the more incredible by comparison because I had see the anemic Peter Frampton show two days earlier at which he more or less replicated his Frampton Comes Alive disc. While Bruce blew the roof off the hockey rink at Colgate. Would give anything to relive that cold night.

Lin Watt Doyle wrote: My first Springsteen concert. I was a freshman at Colgate which is in Hamilton, NY, a small and very remote town in upstate NY. He had been on the covers of Time and Newsweek the previous fall so for him to actually come to Hamilton, NY was HUGE. Pretty much everyone knew who he was by April of 1976 but I had arrived in the fall of 1975 as a freshman with 2 of his albums! (I grew up in NJ) I thought I was pretty hot stuff. And I've seen him maybe 7 or 8 times over the years, most recently at The Wrecking Ball tour at Fenway Park on 8/15/2012. And even though I was 55, it was as if I was still an 18-year-old Colgate Freshman.

Paul Leonard wrote: A great show! My second Bruce show, with great versions of Incident on 57th Street and Sandy. At one point later in the show, Bruce's Telecaster guitar wasn't working and he had to borrow one of Miami Steve's Stratocasters. Bruce said "Steve, this guitar stinks!" and Steve said "That's why I don't use it."

Vicky Ludwig wrote: I was at the Colgate show. Really small venue. I thought he was kind of AM radio, but the show was amazing and I went out and bought his albums.

David Vallieres wrote: I was at the Colgate concert. I lived in Utica (near Hamilton), was just 18 and loved Bruce's songs... it was an incredible performance. I can't remember how many encores he came back for but is at least 10...he just coming back and back. One of the best concerts I ever saw.


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