1970-09-11, Clearwater Swim Club, Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Steel Mill
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Vini Lopez wrote: Sorry, I wasen't on stage at this one. I was in Richmond on an unexpected Holiday. This show was a crazy show.
Danny got away. Others were not so lucky. I got arrested when I got back from Richmond because they were looking for the Drummer from Steel Mill. They had to let me go because I had a good Alibi. I was sent all of the press from this show.

Scott wrote: I may be mistaken but I belive this was the concert that the Middletown Police rushed the stage a beat Danny with billy clubs which caused Bruce to vow never to play in Middletown again and he never has. I was there. I was 14 it was awesome.

Amy wrote: Scott-

my memory is a bit blurred but you are correct - I think they might have even taken Vinnie off the stage while the chant "I'll be your savior" rang through the highlands.


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