1976-10-12, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

1976-77 Tour
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Ralph wrote: So, it's been thirty years for me since my first Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band event at Rutgers. I wrote a review a few years back on Greasylake.org and said that this night "lit the fuse". Little did I know that Bruce would write a song called "The Fuse" as few years later. After 106 shows, the fuse is still buring brightly in my life. This show at Rutgers was a perfect show. Bruce and his 'blood brothers' making the audience laugh, cry and beg for more. I was surrounded by friends that I would know forever - and still do some thirty years later. Wow. I have a lot of new friends that are Bruce friends, and that has enriched my life to no end. That night. What a night. The song "Night" opened the show - as it usually did on that tour. Thereafter, a Best of Bruce cornucopia of songs that we would forever love. How could we go wrong? It was the time of our life. Wow! Rap

Ralph wrote: This was my first of, to date, 100 Bruce shows. This lit the fuse! We did not know what we would have for the rest of our lives! A great night - the beginning of everything. Sixteen songs that seemed like magic.


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