1977-02-07, Palace Theatre, Albany, NY

1976-77 Tour
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RAP wrote: This was my first Bruce show and it goes without saying that I was blown away. Over three hours of rock and roll heaven. What I remember most is Bruce appearing in the audience during "Sprit In the Night." Jumping off the stage into the crowd, body surfing over the crowd decades before the mosh pits of the grunge era. I was a 19 year old college kid at SUNY Albany. Bruce made me a convert which I continue to be today. The Palace was (is?) a small venue. Seeing Bruce at that point in his career in an intimate setting was unforgetable. Over the years I've seen Bruce in much bigger settings, Arenas and Stadiums and one of the very special things about his performances is that even in a big venue he brings true intimacy to the stage and contact with his audience. At the Palace way back then it was like we (the crowd) made a friend and every subsequent show has been a renewal of that friendship.

Kathy wrote: This too was my first Springsteen Concert. So memorable, I even recall he was wearing a striped french sailor type shirt. He was jumping around like no one I had ever seen. I too was a student at Albany and I was very close to the stage. I had heard about him before as I had a sister a year older who was in college down in Pennsylvania, and her roommate's parents had a second house at the Jersey shore, so they used to go listen to him live on weekends and she just loved him, and I will never forget my sister returning home from college her first year with the Asbury Park Album, and Born to Run. They made us feel alive. He has added so much our lives with the passing of Clarence it makes us look at life and appreciate each day and each experience. I don't think Bruce or should I say the band will ever realize how very much they have given us all. He called us to continue to live, to give, and to be young, in world that wants to shut us in an office, and live in our computers all day. He kept us young and showed us we need to live and each subsequent show is a renewal of our youth and life!

Harvey Kojan wrote: First Bruce show for me as well. I was lucky enough to be sitting in the front row (my roommate worked for Just A Song, a local record store and a Ticketron outlet, so he was "first in line" when tickets went on sale). When Bruce jumped from the stage to the (raised) orchestra pit and into the crowd, he stood directly in front of me when he did "Spirit In The Night". Incredible.


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