1977-02-15, Masonic Temple Auditorium, Detroit, MI

1976-77 Tour
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dan wrote: I sat 10th row center... I moved into an empty seat....I remembered bruce entered the show from the back and played down the front isle.
this show just played on e street radio on sirius.

Laura wrote: 1977, Born To Run Tour,
I read that Bruce was jumping out into the audience during 'Spirit in the Night' back in those days... So I strategically placed myself, hoping. The Masonic was awesome for sound but not on security back then. I was able to get right up next to Bruce when he came into the audience. Softly I tapped his side to the beat, when a brute grabbed me (and my left boob), Bruce saw me fall down, he pulled me up onto the theater seat, and let me help finish the song! I'll never forget that moment. I was totally mezmerised, standing with him on that seat, watching the rest of the band approach up the aisle with all of the lights beaming down. There I was singing 'like a spirit in the night', my friends were screaming my name...it was f-ing great!

I've always wanted to apologize to Bruce for standing on his foot with those monster 1970's platform shoes!Right after, I went and cried ...I knew I'd had my only brush with Bruce. Wow what a night!
Oh, and yeah, that was the best Bruce and the E-Steet band performance ever...for me!


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