1977-02-27, Riverfront Coliseum, Cincinatti, OH

1976-77 Tour
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Minman wrote: 28 years ago yesterday, first time I saw the Boss. Short set, yes, but it wasn't much of a crowd. The Coliseum would later see shows packed with probably 18 to 20 thousand fanatics (leaving Bruce to remark it is one of the loudest crowds they've ever played to). But on 2-27-1977, he didn't even draw 5,000.

I was in the 6th row, on the right hand end facing the stage. Before the show started, some dude wearing a red warm up jacket that had "Duke Street Kings" emblazoned on the back came past and walked down the tunnel to the dressing room. Silly me, only when he hit the stage did I know it was Bruce.

Mostly I remember the first song was "Night". And I have fairly vivd memories of "It's My Life", "Mona", "She's the One" and "Quarter to 3". Long time ago.

I regret not going to try to meet him outside later. Word was in those days he'd hang around a long time afterword and talk with whoever.


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