1977-03-19, Central Maine Youth Centre, Lewiston, ME

1976-77 Tour
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Daniel Alexander wrote: I used to work in a record store in Waterville Maine and the manager Ann reserved about 12 seats for us, fairly close.

I can't remember the setlist, but I do remember two note worthy things. The first was Bruce jumping in to the audience for Spirits. The second was probably the most amazing thing I have ever seen at a concert: the crowd was rowdy as only a Maine audience started for good music can be. Bruce started playing a two or three note riff over and over again, accompanying by sort sort of soothing vocal. He just kept doing it and eventually the audience quieted down, and pretty soon everything was silent.

Then Bruce started a story about him and his dad. You can hear version of the story on boots from around this time. He described trying to sneak in after being out late, but then, seeing his dad's bright red lit cigaratte cherry he knew he was busted. His dad gave him shit, and Bruce evetually responds by saying, Dad, it's my life ... and then they go into the animals song of the same name. Why's that so amazing? Maybe it's not, but I'd never seen anyone make an arena so quiet; I'd seen folkies tell great stories, but I'd never heard a story like that before -- and then to launch unexpectedly (for me at least) into It's My Life. Well, I was hooked for life.

You can read a transcript of his rap here: http://www.brucebase.org.uk/stories/190377.htm

Evidently there's a boot of this that as of 2007 has begun to circulate.


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