1971-01-22, The Upstage, Asbury Park, NJ

Steel Mill
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Albee Tellone wrote: This was the first night of 2 "farewell concerts by Steel Mill. They were a 5 piece band by this time with Robbin Thompson on vocals added in the summer of 1970. Tinker brought in extra sound equipment and taped the whole thing. Now available in boots. The place was jammed full of people sitting on the floor because the place was designed as a dance hall with seating only along the walls. It was almost impossible for the band to get to the stage from the entrance which was halfway toward the back of the room. The only way onto the stage was a small set of 2 steps on the left (stage right). It was an outstanding show and no one could figure out why such a great band would break up ! But after Bruce came back from his yearly Christmas visit to his mother and family in California, he was ready to start a big band along the lines of Van Morrison and Leon Russell. Three of the members of Steel Mill stayed together to form the Bruce Springsteen Band. Robbin Thompson went back to Richmond,VA for good and Danny Federici dropped out of sight until he got the call to join the tour supporting the "Greetings From Asbury Park" album in 1972.


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